Apps: how to use Task

IMPORTANT! For the Moodrive and NextCloud management's plans, the installation of the Apps HAS to be requested by contacting the assistance.

Once you've downloaded it, the screen will look like this.

On your left, you will have a menù that will show you all the available labels and, also, some filters for your Tasks, such as Today, Important etc...
(It will show all these options when you'll create your first Task)

By clicking on Add list you can add a label/category in which you can divide all your activities.

Once you've created an activity/task, you have many option to set it in the best way.

Start date;
Due date;
You can set the label in which you want to categorize your task;
Many options to use when you share your task with someone else;
You can specify if your task is completed, in work in progress or cancelled**;
Priority to assign to your task;
Status of completion;

Moreover, under all these options, you can see three icons:
Bin: it's the one on the left, you can click on it if you want to delete the task;
i: if you set the cursor on it, you can see the last modification date and the creation date of the task;
Arrow: closes the right menù.

For each task, you can set an under-task by clicking on the three points near it.
Every under-task has the same available options of a task.

You can also set the highest priority by clicking on the star near every task.

Errors Section: if an user finds a bug that's not listed here, they can contact the assistance, in order to help us keep this section always updated!

It doesn't synchronize with Deck.
It doesn't synchronize with the calendar.
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